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20th Sensors & their Applications Conference co-located with

5th International Conference of Fibre Optic and Photonic Sensors for Industrial and Safety Applications (OFSIS)

Limerick, Ireland, August 11th – 14th 2024

Sensors are ubiquitous today.  Whether in our homes or stores, in our cars, in the aeroplanes that we travel in or most evidently in our smartphones – they are an increasingly important presence in our modern world.  Sensors and sensor systems underpin the Internet of Things (IoT) which focuses on configuration, control and networking via the Internet of devices or ‘Things’ that are traditionally not associated with the Internet.  The excellent measurements that modern sensor systems provide enable us not only to observe the world around us, but (at least in part) to control our environment and without high quality measurement tools, we cannot create the control systems we need – we require good measurement for the control systems that are built to exploit the advanced sensor systems developed.

The field is global and worth an estimated $200 billion annually – and more when both software and hardware aspects of the field are considered.  ‘Smart sensors’ are an increasing share of that market and with the development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools, will continue to develop and to offer more to the user and the consumer.

This Conference builds on the heritage of the successful series of ‘Sensors & their Applications’ Conferences, first held in 1983 and reflects the changing landscape since then.  It is organized by the Institute of Measurement & Control (InstMC), with the support of the Institute of Physics (IoP), the China Instrument & Control Society (CIS), the Optical Fibre Sensors Committee (OFSC) of China Optical Engineering Society, and incorporating the 5th International Conference for Fibre-optic and Photonic Sensors for Industrial and Safety Applications (OFSIS).  The Conference aims to bring both researchers and instrument developers and users together from across the world to discuss the latest developments in and directions for the field.

The Conference looks to accept original, high-quality contributions from all relevant fields of the highly topical and multi-disciplinary subject of measurement, sensors, and associated instrumentation. 


The conference will cover:

  • practical developments of sensors and sensor systems ‘in the field’

  • a wide range of application areas, with an emphasis on both applied and theoretical aspects. 

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